Welcome! Bienvenido! WILLKOMMEN ...

The question that was once, and probably still is on everyone's minds is "Who are the Loaded Boxers"?

Contrary to what you may have heard, Loaded Boxers are not from Seattle nor are they the Smashing Pumpkins....or are they.....find out for yourself.

Latest and Greatest

The Loaded Boxers are currently working on band rider for their imminent world tour. They are still undecided about which color m&m's need to be separated from the rest. Suggestions are welcome.

Past Appearances and Random Information

Loaded Boxers have put together 3 CD's and one bootleg live performance. They have appeared LIVE, on KZSU's infamous World Renown Wednesday Night Live, heard around the world via KZSU's Real Audio Stream, at Applejack's Bar in La Honda, at Burningman 2000, 2001, 2002, at Lisapalloza III, IV, V and other random events. They even had a good stretch on MP3.com till there was some dispute over copyrights and such. Contact their management team for info on booking the band for your next event.

As for this site, it gets updated when the Boxers find some spare time to provide said updates. They are mostly working on avoiding death, trying to earn money, creating new music, finding porn, and working on more new music. And hell, if the cards are right, they just may do a video.